Featured Artists...

Orly's will be featuring a new or established artist at the Gallery. We will feature both local talent as well as artist's from around the world. If you are an artist or would like to recommend one, please contact us and we will look at what's available. 

Our current featured artist is Mandy Hansen...

Mandy Hansen

Mandy Hansen

Mandy Hansen’s work documents the headwaters of the great Colorado River and is a recording of its movement and flow over paper from the river’s birthplace. Mandy’s work uses sunlight to expose patterns from natural materials such as lichen, a pine needle, sand and of course water to create abstract images in striking shades of blue. Her process requires ease

with the unknown and an embrace of imperfection - much like life.


Mandy’s pieces are a collaboration with nature. Despite planning and mapping, her artwork is always accompanied by elements that surprise and shape the final piece in an unanticipated manner.

Mandy’s creative journey is not linear but rather one that dips and curves like the Colorado River. She received her doctorate in education at Northern Arizona University. She studied Art History and Folk Art in Pittsburgh, PA, and Mexico. She also studied graphic design in Salt Lake City, UT. When she moved out west, a great love affair began with the landscape, its people, and the Colorado River, which continues to carve the gorges and gives space to ancient histories.


Mandy’s creativity is closely tied to moments in time where she can hike and be with her dog, Rose, surrounded by wonderful landscapes, deep blue skies, and of course, rivers. Her work is to honor the Colorado River that gives life to so many in the American West. This river is rich with history and culture. It is a river with politics that are integral to our environment and

numerous communities in the West.