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Orly's Art Gallery features some of the Best Local and Regional Artists. Below is a brief bio and display of the artist's we currently are featuring...

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Sparky LeBold

Plein Air Artist Sparky LeBold has made a name for himself both in America and abroad over the course of his stellar career. Since graduating from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California (1986), he has been inducted into Who's Who in American Art (2002), has held eleven One-Man Shows across America and in Europe, and is even recognized as a National Artist of Portugal, where townspeople have lovingly nicknamed him "Picasso Americano".

LeBold's oil paintings are inspired by the beauty he has experienced while traveling all over the world. His ability to translate what we see in nature onto canvases large and small has resonated with corporate and private collectors for the past 30 years, and captured the attention of The Artist's Magazine when they listed him as "one of the top 50 landscape painters in America".

Sparky LeBold is a mysterious and passionate man. When he moved to Colorado Springs in the mid-1990's and found the art community felt a bit stalled, he founded Cottonwood Art Academy. Cottonwood became an epicenter of creative collaboration, and after Sparky's departure, it became Cottonwood Center for the Arts. Sparky has enjoyed living in the seaside villages of Portugal for the past decade, and many of his captivating seascapes are inspired by the villages he calls home.

Sparky's work is full of emotion and spirit, reflecting his desire to communicate and raise awareness for the beauty in nature that we may overlook. His images hold your attention, touch your soul, and leave an imprint that lingers. Not to mention, he has a sweet ponytail...

Scroll through the filmstrip below to see all of Sparky's current pieces at the Gallery...

David Caton

David began the study of painting during high school years in Houston, Texas, and later earned his BFA from the University of Houston before completing his MFA graduate studies at Yale University. Throughout these early years, he began to exhibit regularly and was also invited to be in group shows. He has since had numerous solo exhibitions, and his paintings are featured in corporate and private collections all over the country. He has received two National Endowments for the Arts and many other prestigious awards. He has also contributed photography to the digital oratorio Corpo, Carne e Espírito, which premiered at FIT Festival Belo Horizonte, Brazil.


David has a close affinity for the terrain of the west, especially that of Big Bend, Utah and Arizona. He travels to these areas regularly gathering plein air painting material for future paintings. He usually executes studies in oil or pastel before completing the larger canvases. His refined technique and love for depicting the grandeur and drama that exist in nature have generated works that are both monumental and compelling.

To see David's works, Scroll through the Gallery below...

Betty Ross

Betty Ross, trained as an art historian, has an MA in Theatre from UC Berkeley. She has travelled extensively and has used ideas for painting and costumes from places as remote as Iran and Romania. She often works onsite in watercolor, using the information for larger acrylic works in the studio, sometimes adding collage elements such as torn paper fragments, antique laces, leather, or shreds of wool. Accident and experiment are her friends. She has exhibited locally at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, at the Sangre de Christo Arts and Conference Center, in Pueblo, been a member of Spark in Denver, and won awards in Taos and Kansas City and Loveland. Three residencies at the Vermont Studio Center in Johnson helped connect her with abstract expressionist painting–Michael Goldberg was the main influence. She received an NEA grant to travel to Romania to compare Gypsies (Roma) with artists, and used the data to concoct a series of abstract paintings that were exhibited at the Artemesia Gallery in Chicago and the Business of Art Center in Colorado Springs. Three of these were recently at the Pike’s Peak Community College Studio Ugly/Beautiful exhibit.   “The gaps between abstraction and the real are actually what fascinate me as a painter— often filled with a narrative or strong emotion that drives the process whether at a pond in Derbyshire, or a cabin in the Sangres.”

Tom Scott Reno

Tom Scott Reno is an abstract painter. His goal is to relate a feeling of balance 
and centeredness, along with a place for the mind to go, worthy of contemplation. Tom was born in Hollywood, California in 1948. He grew up in Southern California, asking questions about life and existence.
He enlisted in the army in 1967 and served in Viet Nam in 1968 and was honorably discharged in 1970.  Upon returning to civilian life he drifted for a while throughout the Western United States, living in British Columbia for a time.  His travels also included France and England.

In 1977 he moved to the California Central Coast where he found his kinship with artists, musicians and thinkers The next 25 years were spent developing the skills of a sign painter and the philosophy of a yogi. His philosophical perspectives along with the qualities of a well crafted sign, balance, line, color and personality, have coalesced into his present work.

He lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico with artist Paula Zima, 3 cats, 2 horses.

For more information, visit Tom's website at: tomscottreno.com 

Mandy Hansen

Mandy Hansen’s work documents the headwaters of the great Colorado River and is a recording of its movement and flow over paper from the river’s birthplace. Mandy’s work uses sunlight to expose patterns from natural materials such as lichen, a pine needle, sand and of course water to create abstract images in striking shades of blue. Her process requires ease

with the unknown and an embrace of imperfection - much like life.


Mandy’s pieces are a collaboration with nature. Despite planning and mapping, her artwork is always accompanied by elements that surprise and shape the final piece in an unanticipated manner.

Mandy’s creative journey is not linear but rather one that dips and curves like the Colorado River. She received her doctorate in education at Northern Arizona University. She studied Art History and Folk Art in Pittsburgh, PA, and Mexico. She also studied graphic design in Salt Lake City, UT. When she moved out west, a great love affair began with the landscape, its people, and the Colorado River, which continues to carve the gorges and gives space to ancient histories.


Mandy’s creativity is closely tied to moments in time where she can hike and be with her dog, Rose, surrounded by wonderful landscapes, deep blue skies, and of course, rivers. Her work is to honor the Colorado River that gives life to so many in the American West. This river is rich with history and culture. It is a river with politics that are integral to our environment and

numerous communities in the West.

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